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The Rehab video speaks to the different eras of The Jolly Boys historical journey, from their original moonlighting days as the house band of choice up through their current incarnation as a ‘classic retro’ group whose pop sensibility is very much in keeping with the mood of the times.

The casting of Patrice Flynn, a Hollywood movie starlet in her own right and wife of the late film icon Errol Flynn, plays a key role in recapturing the original Jolly Boys’ story. Her presence is a compelling reminder of the Hollywood heyday when the Jolly Boys regularly ‘lit up’ many a party at Port Antonio’s Navy Island. Patrice clearly remembers the performances and the lasting impression they made on those privileged enough to be in attendance. In an aside to the director on set, she recalled, “I haven’t been in front of a movie camera for sixty years darling. Please make me look good!” She looks magnificent darling!

The video was shot in three Portland locations, and is as much a map of Jamaican roots and culture as it is an edgy elegy to the band. The first location is the archetypal Jamaica Rum bar where Mento bands traditionally performed often only for drink money, and the highly potent and tongue loosening Jamaican white rum was, and still is, the popular refreshment. The second location is a stage performance, slightly reminiscent of The Buena Vista Social Club, which pays respect to a bygone era while striking a very contemporary note by way of a young ‘rehab girl’ – the Jolly Boys’ most faithful fan and the last one standing after the show is over and the hall is symbolically swept clean. The final set is a limbo lounge, a homage to exactly what this project represents: the fusion of contemporary nightlife, clubbing and performance with the unarguably pure entertainment aesthetic and ‘tongue in cheek’ humor of the original Mento sound.

Few artists come close to matching the longevity, potency and originality of The Jolly Boys in terms of their sound, style and impact. Beginning as early as the 1940s, the band continues to ‘play hard’ today, and with even greater nuance and feeling. The combination of their stoic resolve and the unparalleled showmanship of 70-year-old lead singer Albert Minott offer a glimpse into a glorious past that is quickly catching up with the present day.

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